Paris and Nieuwpoort – June

I (Lesley) am now back in Australia after two weeks visiting family, friends and Endellion  in Cornwall (UK), France and Belgium.

Perfect ramps with no unexpected 'steps'.

One of my tasks on this trip was to check out moorings in Paris. We know a fair bit through email exchange with DBA members – the primary marinas being La Villette and L’Arsenal. We are crossing fingers we can get a mooring with L’Arsenal as their wheelchair access looks excellent (in most places) with relatively new ramps all with perfectly seemless joining sections between pontoon and jetty.

We need only a few months stay so hopefully they will agree.

After Paris, I moved on to check up on Endellion at Nieuwpoort in Belgium where Ship Support took her from VVW Westhoek marina through St Joris and Graven locks, then lifted her in their massive travelcrane and she is now “on the terrain” at VVW Nieuwpoort marina – also a totally excellent facility and staff.

Endellion on the 'terrain' at VVW Nieuwpoort

There is more work to do via Ship Support and a fair bit of cleaning to sort out on our return (after Endellion’s year out in the elements, all on her own).

We’re due to arrive on 1st September when Endellion should be back at VVW Westhoek where we have good access for the wheelchair and to start the big clean.

We’re both greatly looking forward to our return to the waters of Europe .. coming up very soon.

About Lesley and Stewart

Loving great waterways of the world.
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