Our Nieuwpoort ‘home’

We’re on our boat at home base .. Nieuwpoort (between Oostende and Dunkirk on the North Sea) which is where Endellion has been for the past 12 months while we were in Australia. We have spent more time in this town than almost anywhere (except our winter mooring in 2008/9 when at Limehouse in London) as this is where our boat repair work is undertaken. Well, when we are here to use the eyeball to eyeball contact to get things done!  

We had a list of 20 or thirty things to do like fixing the leaks in one of our air conditioning units, installing a new VE Net monitoring system, installing a new window that actually opens in the wheelhouse .. and lots of other small to big jobs. However, despite a pretty constant flow of emails, phone calls and a visit from me, we found many jobs still to be done. Meanwhile .. as can be imagined .. after a year exposed to harsh weather with not one wash and polish, there is a vast amount of cleaning to do, inside and out. All part of our plan.  

We are enjoying pottering around this delightful town.  

One or our favourite restaurants at the old town square.


There is the old Port section, although it’s usually busy with tourists down from the sea end of town, and our preferred area of the market square where we revisit an excellent cafe/restaurant.  

We almost enjoy the old familiar sound of seagulls being strangled as it blasts across the marina (it’s a sound recording played every 20 minutes or so to scare away real seagulls);  

Early morning our neighbouring boat De Spits to left and the guillotine lock ahead.


we like the lazy swing of the brilliant white power turbine arms above the 100 meter De Spits commercial barge converted to a summer youth club at our bow (our neighbour); and we are still amazed at the stream of bicycles flowing everywhere, often with a dog perched in a basket or tucked inside a trailer under tow.  

A common sight .. Millie or Doogle sitting in the basket - loving it.


A usual challenge for us here in Belgium is drawing cash. Our French bank account doesn’t allow us to withdraw more than €350 a week which is probably OK except few places, especially supermarkets, accept Mastercard or Visa, our only other form of currency. It’s quite an act of financial planning and without the ability to use the internet to make direct payments which we use to pay ship repair people for example, we’d probably find ourselves arrested for non-payment of bills!  

The weather is gorgeous .. although rain is forecast .. and we’re making the most of our floating ‘home’ in Belgium – expecting to depart by the end of this week heading for France.

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Loving great waterways of the world.
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8 Responses to Our Nieuwpoort ‘home’

  1. Sue Egan says:

    Hi Stewart and Lesley
    Nice to see that you are both safely over there again. Keep us all posted.

    Love Sue

  2. Rhonda and Ken Blakie says:

    So glad you two have made it back safely. Now you can sit back and enjoy life once again on these great waterways. We are in Agen at present experiencing the best weather – just lovely. Love Rhonda and Ken Blakie – MV “Somewhere”

    • Lesley says:

      Hi Ken and Rhonda .. thank you for being in touch. We have so enjoyed following your life on board ‘Somewhere’ (via your blog)… and it’s great to know Where you are now! It would great if our waterway paths cross at some stage .. we’ll keep attuned to your blog.

  3. Margaret Moxon says:

    Love reading your blog Lesley. And saw Stewart in one of the photos, enjoying himself in the sun. Think of us – meetings, meetings, courses (computer), conference X 2 days this week. But all interesting. Father’s Day today of course – I still have one, so went to see him, whilst John ran an information stall at the Harris Park Fun Day. Very very windy!

    • Lesley says:

      Hi Margaret .. lovely to hear from you and life at your place. We see it as reading your ‘blog’ too (email and these notes are lovely). We love it most when we have this two-way dialogue .. so we look forward to hearing from you again. And we will keep up posts.
      Our love

  4. John Moxon says:

    Now they’re fine – so ignore my whinge. luvyas both.

    • Lesley says:

      Hi John .. we love to hear from you and feedback on what’s not working is always welcome especially when it sorts itself out! Love to you and Margaret.

  5. John Moxon says:

    Hi Lesley and Stewart – lovely to hear from you. Sounds just bloody idyllic. btw the small photos are blank – but can be seen as larger versions when clicked on. Take care and blog often – please.

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