American Hospital letter0002

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2 Responses to American Hospital letter0002

  1. Wendy says:

    What a terrible experience you had. As I have worked in the medical industry for a long time, treating doctors do not know what happens in administration. They are out of the loop!!! I have worked for some doctors where is it all about money before treatment which in my opinion goes against their oath!. It should have been noted/flagged on his medical records by the Admin staff or whoever was in charge of admitting Stewart that his treatment was covered by Insurance and in turn the Admitting Doctor would have known without having to advise you of payment options!!!! An overview of their admitting policy needs to be addressed. Really, the last thing on a ill person’s mind is money, it is only about their health…. There was no bedside manner for Stewart. It seems that there was total lack of communication all around which in your situation was most distressing. Most importantly, the need for a hoist should also have been flagged for Stewart’s care on his admission paperwork. The hospital staff should have “found” the hoist asap – I would like to know how a hoist can disappear!!! I have heard stories about “events” not being entered into a person’s medical records for their stay. It is abhorrent that this occurs, someone or those involved in Stewart’s care is/are covering their butt/s!!!! When there is a complaint – medical personnel rally around and you need a whistleblower to tell the truth. I hope Stewart is settling down and on the road to being well…. Take care. Wendy

    • Thank you Wendy, as you can tell we still feel badly about our experience at the American Hospital made so much worse by their ‘cover their butts’ letter (as you spotted). We are doing well and getting out and about again (together). All the very best .. from Lesley and Stewart

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