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Back in Australia

We are now settled back in Australia living at our house in Islington (Newcastle NSW .. not upon Tyne).  We still have our river house on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney by one hour’s drive. And so we still … Continue reading

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Paris to Sydney

It’s been my aim to write an update to our blog for months and as we are now into September, Spring here in Australia, I realise I just have to do it! The reason for our long gap in communication … Continue reading

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Vibrant Paris

We’re still here in vibrant Paris as spring heads cautiously into summer. For the first time since our barging days commenced in 2008 we are sitting around on board going nowhere when the weather is warm, the waterways are inviting and … Continue reading

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Paris: signs of spring

We’ve had a mild winter and all around us in the port (de l’Arsenal) here in Paris we are seeing signs of spring: daffodils popping their yellow heads, cherry blossom in brilliant pink, the catkins (lambs tails) have been waving … Continue reading

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Paris – London – New York – New Zealand – Australia and back

We’re now very happily back in Paris after our mad dash around the world, not easy especially with a wheelchair .. or two. Using every form of transport available to a wheelchair user we started from Paris with the manual … Continue reading

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Last year (2012) we passed along the fabulous Marne Valley, cutting through the geographic middle of the Champagne region, when everywhere was relaxed and often closed for business.  That was because it was late November. The grape harvest (vendanges) was … Continue reading

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Reims to Epernay: Champagne

We’re now in the Champagne capital of the world: Epernay. Hold on.. I think we’ve said that before.. Oh yes, in our last blog! Both Epernay and Reims claim to be at the heart of this marvel of marketing: The … Continue reading

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