Endellion Website

To read about our journeys during 2008 and 2009 visit our website which also includes details of Endellion: the build, naming and more.

6 Responses to Endellion Website

  1. Hi Stewart and Leslie
    We met today in Compiègne s/Oise, you with “Endellion”, we with “Kinette”. I visited you on board of your perfectly equipped vessel and I’m really impressed how you made it “wheelchair-proof”. As we both head towards North we certainly meet again. We are looking forward to seeing you again on the Belgian or Dutch waterways!
    Christian Huber, Captain of MS Kinette

    • Lesley says:

      Thank you Christian .. so lovely to meet you and next time we we hope to meet Charlotte also. We love the little place we have found at Choisy-au-Bac, visited the Armistice Clearing yesterday and finally we will visit Compiegne today: As you know Stewart couldn’t disembark from the town mooring. We will cycle/wheelchair there in 20 minutes from Choisy. Hope you are both enjoying your potter to the Somme. We look forward to our next meeting. Lesley and Stewart.

  2. Thierry says:

    nice website nothing about australia ?

    • Lesley says:

      Hi Thierry .. we are not usually in Australia these days as we love our life on board Endellion here in France and this region. But we also love Australia of course and will be returning (without our boat, she will stay here near Paris) to our home there in a week’s time for around two months. We return in June to continue our journey on board Endellion. Our home is in Sydney and just north of there at a place called Milsons Passage, we have a website describing some of its idiosyncrasies: http://www.milsonspassage.com.au/.
      All the best

  3. Peter Sinclair says:

    Have you read “The Unlikely Journey of Jack de Crowe”?
    A Must!

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